The Journey so far


We realize in a country as vast as India and with more than 200 million children in rural India being educationally underserved, One Gurukul, while valuable in itself, will not make much difference to the state of rural education in India.

Hence, we at Gurukul, dare to dream big. We dream to reach out to more than a million children within the next 15 years by building a model that is outcome based, is replicable and is scalable.

However, the biggest journey starts with the first step, which we have taken by establishing the Gurukul Public School in 2012.

  • It started with just 23 children in the first year and within a space of just 8 academic years Gurukul has grown to nearly 834 students out of which more than 60% are girls and more than 80% are from the socially underprivileged communities and 100% of students belong to economically disadvantaged parents.
  • ‘Over the years, we have positively impacted more than 5000 children and their families through our direct and indirect interventions
  • By 2022, we aim to cross the 1,000 children mark at the current campus
  • By 2025 we will expand the current campus at Purasi Village to accommodate 2,000+ children and build it into a world-class model school.
  • By 2025 we also want to expand to other locations in UP in collaboration with the Government and other like-minded social entrepreneurs and impact 10,000 children directly.
  • By 2030 we will expand to other parts of the country to achieve our target of providing excellent, equitable, education to 1, 00,000 educationally underserved children.
    And the journey continues…