Vision Mission and Core Values


To make holistic and world-class education accessible to the most underserved children irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds so that they develop into confident, compassionate and responsible citizens of tomorrow who are at par with the best in the world.


To inspire and nurture young minds in a collaborative learning environment which focuses on the simultaneous development of mind, body and soul through focus on academics, sports, music, arts and technology.

Core Values

  1. Accountability for one’s own action and inaction
  2. Excellence in all aspects of schooling
  3. Empowerment of the individual and community
  4. Honesty in thought, word and action
  5. Respect for each other

The Gurukul Way

Gurukul strives to give every child a range of opportunities so that they have the option to choose as per their interest and move away from the shackles of poverty, illiteracy and being underprivileged.

  • At Gurukul we want our children to be no less than anyone else. In spite of their humble beginnings they would be as confident as their counterparts in any part of the world. When they pass out of class 12 th  they are happy, confident individuals who know what they are good at and are ready to make those career choices. They have options to choose.
  • In Yuval Noah Harari’s, 21 lessons for the 21 st century, he talks about enabling students to discern between relevant and irrelevant information thus enabling self-learning. At Gurukul, we are preparing students for the information age through projects aimed at self-learning, interactions with children from across the world and online assignments.
  • We believe children learn best by doing and I believe that the best way to enable them in life is also to give them opportunities to explore across academics, sports, music, arts etc. A child needs to discover what they can excel at and then start excelling in the same. Once they believe in themselves, they can achieve much more. Today most of the children in school come from very poor families with very low self-esteem and almost negligible knowledge of the world beyond their villages. To take these children from where they are today to a place where they are ready to face the world is a big challenge. We don’t want to leave the children after class V or class VIII but want to take them all through class 12 th  and beyond.
  • To enable the children, we at Gurukul focus not only on academics but also on sports. Sports is a great teacher in itself. It teaches spirit of excellence, teamwork, to deal with success and failure, develops personality and desire to win attitude. Sports will give children an option to explore themselves and will highlight their strengths. Winning is a habit and once the children learn this habit, they will never give up and will be on their path of success.
  • Besides developing world-class online learning facilities, we also want to develop world class Volleyball and Martial arts facilities at school and give these children the best there is. Gurukul will succeed when its children go to IITs, IIMs and Olympic champions too are from Gurukul. We have already introduced Arts and Music although much work still needs to be done to make these hobbies into viable career options.