The Gurukul Story

About Gurukul Public School

Gurukul Public School is a private CBSE school and is the third educational institute under the umbrella of Gurukul group of Institutions. It was established in the year 2012 with the aim of making world-class education accessible to the children residing in rural parts of India. We believe that given the right opportunity every child can flourish irrespective of his/her background and nativity. The school is setup in a lush green campus away from traffic, pollution etc. to provide a conducive environment for learning and development. We are completely green campus powered by solar energy and understand our responsibility towards conservation of environment for future generations.

Gurukul is a dream and a belief!

•       A dream set in the belief that given the right opportunity every child can flourish!
•       A dream to provide quality education to every child who is deprived of educational opportunities and subsequent life opportunities on account of inequities based on caste, class, gender as well as the rural-urban divide
•       A belief in education being a social emancipation tool that can overcome these socio economic barriers of our society

This belief stems from the personal life of one of the founders i.e. Pooja Mishra who comes from the same small hamlet called Purasi where the school is located and has travelled the distance from being a village girl in rural Uttar Pradesh to an IIM Calcutta alumnus. Co-founder, Shashank Shukla, also comes from a humble background wherein his mother who was a government teacher raised him as a single parent to get selected in the Indian Air Force and is now a Harvard graduate and a socio-political activist, having left behind a plush corporate career. All this was possible due to the one gift they received from their parents i.e. quality education and Gurukul is a dream to spread that gift to the millions of children who languish without proper education in the far-flung villages of Uttar Pradesh, where schools are present, but learning is absent.

Why rural India and why Uttar Pradesh?

Rural India is home to more than 200 million children who come from various socially, economically and historically deprived communities like the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes. In addition, there is the fact that rural India substantially lacks in educational outcomes when compared to urban India. The problem is further compounded by the fact that in a vast country like India it is difficult to deliver quality education services across far flung villages for even the government and it is much easier to concentrate on cities, which anyways are touted as the growth engines of tomorrow’s India. Even private investment in education is centered in cities as parents in rural India simply lacking the paying capacity to sustain a social business. So what does it lead to…it leads to government primary and secondary schools which serve more as day care centers providing low quality meal during the day and having 1-2 caretakers while the children make merry in the dust, all the while unaware that their future also is turning to dust!

In ACER reports as well as government publications, Uttar Pradesh has the dubious distinction of being the most educationally backward. Since the promoters too belong to Uttar Pradesh and Pooja Mishra actually coming from a rural area in a backward Tehsil, hence starting the Gurukul mission from Uttar Pradesh seemed to be a natural choice.