The Model

In order to break this jinx of government being unable to provide quality education and private players unable to do so because of the economic unviability of the social business model, Gurukul is an attempt to break the status quo.

The key is that all these children receive their education either absolutely free or at a highly subsidized fee structure facilitated by the mentorship of socially conscious and highly successful individuals from the IIM and Harvard network who not only sponsor the education of these children but also mentor their progress year on year to ensure that they do not drop out of the school system and realize their true potential in life.

The model has TEN key pillars:

  1. Reaching out to the children and parents of the most educationally underserved communities
  2. Connecting these children with socially conscious mentors across diverse fields who provide not just monetary support but act as role models in the life of the children
  3. Providing excellent infrastructure and a safe learning environment
  4. Keen focus on academic outcomes
  5. All round development through exposure to a wide range of sports and extra-curricular activities
  6. Building a culture of inquiry and collaboration among peers
  7. Continuous focus on teacher training
  8. Building a sense of community through active involvement of parents and the community
  9. Use of technology to enable learners to self-learn
  10. Transparency and accountability towards all stakeholders

The model has the potential of being replicated across India by Government as well as Social entrepreneurs alike by using a mix of using local talent, training them rigorously and complementing them through training and research in standardized teaching practices, delivered with the use of latest technology. Active involvement of our mentor community and absolute transparency in our operations with a walk-in policy has ensured that we have stayed true to our mission.